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Agenda and links to resources: Day 2  (18 March 2015)

Reflections and photos

Welcome to Day 2 – Reflections from Day 1 and overview of day 2
Sarah Knight, Senior co-design manager and CAN team
Student journeys – students from further and higher education share their experiences of working as change agents and in partnership projects with staff

Session Chair: Rebecca Rochon, Buckinghamshire New University
Student Panel:
Birmingham City University: Elgan Hughes and Stacey Watkins
London Metropolitan University: Helen Long’a Tongu
London School of Economics: Seow Wei Chin and Eugene McGeown
Portsmouth College: George Elliott and Kayleigh Redler
University College London: Soonmyeong (Chris) Yoon, Seng Hoe Hue and Ming Liang Siew

Making it happen
Participants have the opportunity of selecting one of the following interactive workshops:

Session 1: Engagement through partnership: students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education
Abbi Flint, Higher Education Academy

Further information available from:
Healey, M., Flint, A. and Harrington, K (2014) Engagement through partnership: students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education. York, Higher Education Academy
HEA (2014) Framework for partnership in learning and teaching. York, Higher Education Academy.

Session 2 – What are the skills needed to be a good change agent?
Dr Mark Kerrigan, Anglia Ruskin University and Simon Walker, University of Greenwich
The aim of this session is to explore the skills needed by change agents and how these can be developed.

Session 3 – Using the Student Partnership Toolkit to support your institutional practice (PowerPoint) (PDF)( Card set 1, Card set 2, Card set 3, Card set 4)
Sarah Davies, Head of Change, Student Experience and Clare Killen, CAN consultant
A significant number of colleges and universities are working collaboratively with students to enhance their students’ digital experience and are using a variety of innovative ways to address the unique challenges faced by each institution.
See for further information on the Student Partnership Toolkit.

Session 4 – Engaging employers in the Jisc Change Agents’ Network
Paul Bailey, Senior Co-Design Manager, Jisc and Peter Chatterton, CAN Consultant
Engaging employers in staff-student partnerships can provide benefits for staff, students and employers.

Session 5 – Entitlements and Enhancements for the Digital Student Experience
Sarah Knight, Senior Co-Design Manager, Jisc, Helen Beetham, Digital Student Consultant and Ellen Lessner, CAN Consultant
In this workshop participants are invited to explore and take forward findings from the Jisc ‘Digital Student’ project (Jisc 2014-15). A number of challenges and recommendations have been produced (see ).

Session 6: – Focus group activity: your help needed: What does student-staff partnership ‘look like’
Rebecca Rochon, Buckinghamshire New University

Market Place – Showcasing student innovation (link opens to folder with participants’ posters)  List of participants and projects
This session will offer participants opportunities to engage with student-led institutional projects including the Jisc Summer of Student Innovation projects. Students will showcase their work and products and participants will have the opportunity of getting involved with these projects through piloting their products and services within their own institutions.                  Paul Bailey, Senior co-design manager, Jisc
The Ideas Wall

Scaling up and embedding student-staff partnership working
In this session, participants will hear from two institutional case studies on how student-staff partnership working has been embedded into institutional practice.                                             Amy Barlow, Head of TEL and the Mobile Devices Scheme
Dr Stuart Sims, Co-leader the Student Fellows Scheme, University of Winchester (PowerPoint(PDF) (Handout)
Duncan McKenna
Aisha Benachour, University of Greenwich (PowerPoint) (PDF) (Handouts below)

Final plenary: Reflections from participants and next steps

Mark Kerrigan’s Storify for Day 2:


Scott Hibberson’s Storify for the event:

Stacey and ElganClick on the photo to watch a short video of student and staff participants talking about the event and the role of Jisc in supporting change agents in FE and HE.
 (with thanks to Chris Thomson and Peter Chatterton)


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