What is the Change Agents’ Network?

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A network supported by Jisc of staff and students who are working in partnership to support curriculum enhancement and innovation with technology.
What we do:

  • Support students working as change agents in colleges and universities
  • Network and connect staff and students working in partnership on curriculum change projects with technology
  • Communicate and influence good practice
  • Publish the Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change
  • Run an accredited course for staff and students on being an Institutional Change Leader

Participate by:

Change Agents’ Network project team:

  • Sarah Knight, Senior Co-design Manager is managing the activities of the Change Agents’ Network from Jisc
  • Ellen Lessner, Change Agents’ Network Co-ordinator
  • Mark Kerrigan, Anglia Ruskin University and Simon Walker, University of Greenwich, led the accreditation of  the SEDA Institutional Change Leader award, the development of the CANLearn online course supporting the award and are leading the development and publishing of the Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership and Change.
  • Peter Chatterton, Consultant responsible for further developments of the Student Partnership Toolkit and for developing plans to expand the network to FE and Skills and employers.
  • Clare Killen, Case study journalist responsible for gathering and authoring examples of institutional practice.

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