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2015-16 webinar dates:

20 January 2016 – Dan Derricott, Student Engagement Manager, at the University of Lincoln, presents a webinar  called ‘Growing a whole institution culture of commitment to student engagement. ‘  As the student engagement agenda has gained momentum in UK higher and further education, there are numerous interesting and complex issues that arise and seemingly prevent a whole institutional commitment to working with students as partners. Issues such as departmental autonomy, traditional hierarchies and power dynamics, and lack of time invested in innovative student engagement all contribute to a landscape where engaging students remains a project rather than a culture, and something done in a few departments rather than across a whole institution.

DD-Bio-PhotoDan (@danderricott),  will outline the university’s bold new strategic plan that aims to reinforce and move forward its commitment to working with students as partners in and producers of their university.

In particular, Dan will explore how the university will rethink how institutional systems and structures (found in most UK HEIs) can be rethought to reinforce and underpin a culture of engaging students so that the whole institution develops and evolves together.

The webinar is based on an in-depth case study  that explores the issues faced by the University of Lincoln and their efforts to take a whole institution approach to student engagement and partnership. The case study was developed from interviews with students, academics, professional service staff and senior managers responsible developing student engagement, including the vice-chancellor.

24 November 2015 from 12:30-1:30 – “What will a successful student-staff partnership look like in 2020?” Presentation, discussion and activities led by Peter Chatterton and Clare Killen.

Recording of the webinar: http://bit.ly/1P8ciC9

Presentation from the webinar is here.

Text chat from the webinar is here.

This webinar explored what successful student-staff partnerships will look like in 2020, what the challenges are and how the Jisc Developing successful student staff partnerships online guide and associated resources, can be used to stimulate thinking about how these challenges can be overcome.

Peter   ClareThe webinar was led by Peter Chatterton and Clare Killen, authors of our Developing successful student-staff partnerships online guide.

Recordings of our  webinars are located hereOn this page you will also find the presenters’ presentations and some of the chat text that was an important part of the conversation.


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