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Posted on behalf of Shannon Parkher who is leading on event legacy for CAN 2020

In our previous guest blog post, we introduced the student team and gave a glimpse of what we are planning to showcase at this year’s conference. We would now like to introduce our remarkable keynote speakers whose achievements are actively advancing communities and inspiring change.

Louise TeboulLouise Teboul

Louise runs leadership development programmes for Common Purpose in the Midlands, and is part of the UK senior management team of the international leadership development organisation.

Delivering a range of cross-sector, experiential programmes, Louise is effectively the ‘relationship manager’ for Common Purpose, working with many hundreds of participants and contributors each year, from university students to senior leaders in the city and region. She has also hosted a prestigious Commonwealth Study Conference tour and a Foreign and Commonwealth Office visit to Birmingham, and led the team who designed and delivered a cross-sector collaborative leadership course for 100 participants in the city. Louise has worked on many customised pieces of work for Common Purpose, including programmes for The Met Office, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust, JCB, PwC, the NHS, BCU and the University of Exeter.

Louise is passionate about diversity, ensuring Common Purpose programmes not only reflect different issues and communities but include them, as both participants and contributors. Ensuring participants have a safe space to question, challenge, listen and reflect is important to Louise, she says:

“Creating the right environment is crucial to ensure people can not only cross boundaries, whether that’s sector, generation, ethnicity or any other difference; but really learn from those insights and new perspectives.”

In 2019 she was shortlisted for the Diversity & Inclusion Leader category, in the West Midlands Leadership Awards and has previously won the Outstanding Professional award at the Birmingham Post Business Awards and the West Midlands Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award.

She joined Common Purpose after eight years in PR/communications consultancies. During that time, she worked with a range of clients in different sectors including financial services, retail, education, housing, healthcare, travel, IT and corporate. Her background also involves crisis communications, having spent time working in the oil industry and construction, before moving to consultancy.

“Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the natural evolution from the well-established ideas of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Good leaders need all three if they are to lead effectively. Now, more than ever, we need future leaders who don’t just shy away from difference but gravitate towards it; who don’t see it as threatening; but as creative, exciting, inspiring and enriching. I believe students who develop their CQ and their understanding of civic society, will not only gain an edge that can help them be successful in university, but in whatever they go on to do after their studies. ”

Louise Teboul

Dr Martin Glynn

Dr Martin GlynnDr Martin Glynn is an internationally renowned criminologist, educator, theatre director, and dramatist with over 35 years’ experience of working in criminal justice, public health, and educational settings. Dr Glynn is currently a lecturer in Criminology and Black Studies at Birmingham City University. Dr Glynn has also made significant contributions in areas such as prison masculinities, race and crime, and contemporary rehabilitative work in criminal justice.

Dr Glynn has recently been appointed a visiting research fellow at SALISES (the University of the West Indies), alongside undertaking a research residency at National Justice Museum in Nottingham.  Early in 2020 Dr Glynn will feature in a new 5 part BBC 1 Crime documentary series that examines the current state of the UK criminal justice system, as well as acting as an advisor for a new four-part drama series on the 2011 English Riots.

Connect with Our Speakers

Eager to hear more from our Speakers? You can find them both on twitter at the links below.

Louise Teboul:

Martin Glynn :

Something Special…

The CAN 2020 team have planned a roundtable session which is designed to complement our key theme of Civic and Cultural Intelligence.  We want to put the spotlight on the issues that really matter and engage in conversations that run throughout our communities. We will be inviting students, staff and people from our communities to represent different voices on matters and want to create something that is invigorating, interactive and inclusive.

We will be providing more details about the topics and participants at a closer date, and would love to hear your thoughts on the roundtable, and what topics you would challenge representaatives with. Be sure to share your thoughts with us on social media and use #CAN2020 to submit your idea to us.

Will you have a winning idea? Only one way to find out!

Get involved

As always, we invite you to interact with us on social media and visit our website in the lead up to the conference. Follow the links below :

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