Meet the student team for CAN 2020

A guest blog from Shannon Parkher who is leading on event legacy for CAN 2020

At the heart of the Jisc change agents’ network conference is the collaboration of students and staff, honouring the creation of partnerships to enhance the learning experience and benefit our local communities.

In light of this, Birmingham City University has collaborated with seven of its events, venue and experience management students to form a dynamic events committee, imbued with a range of talents, specialities and ideas.

Charley Marshall: event manager

Photo of Charley Marshall, event manager for CAN 2020 student teamI am a conscientious and motivated person that is extremely driven to succeed. I have grown up in Birmingham and after studying at a sixth form, I then progressed to an undergraduate course in events management at Birmingham City University. I love the idea of always delivering new creativity and working with like-minded people in this global industry. With that being said, I cannot wait to take on the role of event manager.



Stacie Phillips: operations manager

Photo of Stacie Phillips, operations manager for CAN 2020 student teamBorn and raised in Telford. What I love about the events industry is the vast nature of creativity. Your goal, as an event manager, is to be innovative and constantly stretching to be the best – and why wouldn’t you want to be? Our team is made up of many different types of people, just like our event; bringing cultures together.



Jas Ellames: marketing manager

Photo of Jas Ellames, marketing manager for CAN 2020 student teamLiving in Hinckley doesn’t offer much experience so studying event management at Birmingham CIty University has allowed me to explore my creativity in depth, and develop within myself. In my spare time I do photography and enjoy travelling and exploring. Having the role of marketing manager has been a dream come true and is setting me up for the industry. Working with this talented team, I’m excited for what we’re going to achieve.



Hannah Taylor: design and production

Photo of Hannah Taylor, responsible for design and production for CAN 2020 student teamI am an ambitious and creative person who is looking forward to help design and produce the Jisc change agents’ network conference 2020. This is an exciting opportunity that allows us to excel in our field of study. I love to travel to different places, all around the world learning about their cultures. One day I aspire to produce a memorable and entertaining event that will entice all people.



Yana Krasteva: volunteer staff manager

Photo of Yana Krasteva: volunteer staff manager for CAN 2020 student teamRaised in Bulgaria, events have always been a passion of mine because of the joy they bring throughout the process of planning and creating. I have some previous experience in the events industry but to be a part of the change agents’ network conference events team is an achievement I am very proud of. I am extremely excited that this time I have the opportunity to manage the volunteering team! Absolutely looking forward to all the fun that is yet to come!



Adriana Cahongo: finance manager

Photo of Adriana Cahongo, finance manager for the CAN student team 2020Originally from Portugal, I moved to Birmingham to attend university. My ultimate goal is to run my own events company. I have fallen in love with events – I really like the happy faces on the customers and it’s a great way to meet new people. I have had the pleasure of meeting extraordinary people throughout the events I have planned and helped at.




Shannon Parkher: event legacy

Photo of Shannon Parkher, team member for event legacy for the CAN 2020 student teamDetermined and enthusiastic at heart, I strive to make this event one for the books! Working closely with my talented team, I hope we can create a legacy that will inspire and unite our attendees and bear the glowing Jisc change agents’ network torch with pride. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve, the stories we can influence and the impacts we can make.




CAN 2020 – an engaging space to encourage collaborative change, discussion and innovation

We hope to make this change agents’ network conference the biggest one yet! We will be showcasing what it means to be ‘Brummie’, and create an engaging space to encourage collaborative change, discussion and innovation. We hope that by sharing our culture and community we can encourage attendees to embrace their cultures and communities and inspire positive change.

We have welcomed this opportunity with the utmost enthusiasm and are very excited to unveil the product of our hard work with you in a few months’ time!

Get involved

Until then, we will continue to tease elements and ideas through our online platforms and invite you all to follow and interact with us on our social media and website:




Call for papers – closing date 2 February 2020

… and don’t forget to submit your conference proposals by 2nd February 2020. Full details of how to do this are available at 

By Clare Killen

Senior consultant, Jisc data analytics

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