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Our second pilot of the SEDA accredited Jisc Institutional Change Leader award starts on on Monday 19 October 2015 for 5 months. This free CANLearn course is part of Jisc’s Change Agents’ Network, a network of staff and students working in partnership to support curriculum enhancement and innovation with technology.

About the course
The course supports staff and students working in partnership on technology-related curriculum innovation projects in UK higher education, further education and skills. It supports those about to undertake change agency work as well as those who have already started and can also help staff and students gain recognition for previous work. The award is supported by course mentors and hosted by Jisc’s Change Agent Networks’ VLE using Moodle.

The course comprises of two modules:
Module 1 is formative and provides information and knowledge around effective partnership work and change leadership supported by technology. This is an online module in Moodle and can be taken in preparation for running a change project. Successful completion leads to a certificate from Jisc.
Module 2 is assessed by portfolio and should be taken whilst completing a partnership or change project (or completed to gain recognition for prior work) and is linked to project planning, evaluation and professional development.

Benefits of the course:
• Attain a recognised award that supplements CPD or degree awards and enhances employability and job prospects
• Develop knowledge and confidence in partnership work with staff and students
• Develop a range of professional and personal skills eg. communication and project planning; leadership, management and stakeholder engagement and the role of technology as an enabler
• Develop digital literacy skills
• Opportunities to network, collaborate and gain peer support.

Student testimonials:
“Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity. The course has been extremely useful and the new concepts and resources it has introduced me to will be beneficial for me in the future as well. The course also provided me useful insights in the design and delivery of online courses.”
Salman Usman, Academic e-learning developer, Kingston University London

“I found CANLearn very supportive of the student-staff partnership work I undertook, which in itself has been really enjoyable and refreshing”
Sarah Hayes, Learning technologist, Aston University

“It is a real achievement to have created and validated such a useful course. I was only able to take the course because it was being offered free of charge: I am already being funded for other studies, so my institution would not have paid for this.”
Successful participant on CANLearn, June 2015

To register for the award please complete the form at

For more information follow @CANagogy on Twitter #jiscCAN or contact the course leader, Dr Mark Kerrigan (

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