Welcome to the Jisc Change Agents’ Network

Welcome to the new website for the Jisc Change Agents’ Network: a network of staff and students working in partnership to support curriculum enhancement and innovation. Over the coming months we will be populating the site with information about the work of the network and how you can get engaged.

What is the Jisc Change Agents’ Network (CAN)?
• CAN Supports students working as change agents, digital pioneers, student fellows and students working in partnership with staff on technology related change projects
• CAN connects staff and students in colleges and universities across the UK working on such projects
• CAN communicates, disseminates and influences the sharing of good practice
• CAN publishes the open access Journal of Educational Innovation, Partnership & Change
• CAN runs an accredited course on being a Change Agent/Institutional Change Leader through SEDA

In response to the strong ‘students as partners and change agents’ theme emerging from a number of Jisc projects from 2010 onwards and in recognising that student change agents are a key enabler in the area of technology change, Jisc has funded the Student Change Agent Network (CAN) to disseminate the learning from these projects more widely and support other institutions in implementing staff-student partnerships. The Change Agent’s Network (CAN), is supported by the NUS, HEFCE, QAA, QAA Scotland, HEA, RAISE Network and Students as Partners Network (Wales) with representation from these organisations on the Network Advisory Group.

How can you get engaged?
Over the coming months we will be showcasing examples of practice from across further and higher education through our series of Change Agents’ Network webinars and case studies.

We hope you will join us for the face to face networking event on the 18-19th March 2015 in Birmingham. More information will follow regarding registration details and the programme for the event.

Don’t forget to join our mailing list for regular updates and newsletters by visiting http://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/CAN and follow us on Twitter @CANagogy #JiscCAN

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